Ayurveda possess vast materia medica of herbal origin that is around millennia old. The branch Dravyaguna Vigyan deals with basic principles of AyurvedicPharmacology and study of herbal drugs. The branch also deals with standardization of Medicinal plants as the glob demands data- based evidences to accept the therapeutic benefits of the natural substances described in Ayurveda. Fundamental principles of Dravyaguna, identification of medicinal plants and their different parts, cultivation, collection, preservation, pharmacovigilance, chemical constituent, therapeutic actions,controversial and unidentified drugs, substitutes, adulterants are the main areas in where teaching is imparted in the department of Dravyaguna , R.N. Kapoor Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital Indore(M.P.).

Objectives of department

  • To study medicinal herbs & drugs, their origin, nature, properties &therapeutic effects on human population.
  • Initiating and supporting conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Prepare the graduates and specialists about clinical application of Ayurveda pharmacology.
  • Exploring the areas of research in pharmacognosy, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of medicinal plants.
  • Awareness about medicinal plants to the society.
  • Facilities of department:

  • Museum- Departmental Museum have preserved wet specimens as well as dry samples for references.
  • Laboratory- Departmental laboratory is well equipped with instruments required for pharmacognostic study & research purpose.
  • Library-Departmental library is fulfilled with herbarium sheets, reference books of Ayurveda & pharmacology along with magazines.
  • Herbal Garden-there is well established herbal garden with several medicinal plant species marked with botanical name.
  • Field Visit– Department organizes local & out of state study tours every year for practical exploration.
  • Charts-Flex charts of herbal drugs & modern pharmacology concepts are available.
  • A-picture-of-ayurvedic-plants-that-have-potential-in-the-prevention-and-treatment-of

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