Ancient Surgical science know as shalya tantra is a vital branch of ayurveda & embraces all process aiming at the removal of factors responsible for producing pain. Shalya means that which creates pain or agony to the body or mind. Shalya Tantra is branch which deals with the technique by which this cause (Shalya) removed. Shalya Tantra is a branch of Ashtang Ayurveda. It consists eight types of surgical procedure as Chedan (Excision), Bhedan (Incision), Lekhan (Scrapping), Vedhan (Puncturing), Eshan (Probbing), Aaharan (Extraction), Seevan (Suturing), Vistravan (Drainage). Agnikarma, Ksharkarma and Raktamokshan are the par surgical procedure which is admirable unit of Salya department.

Objectives of department

  • The main objectives of Our department is to cure all difficult disease by Shashtra (surgical procedure),Kshara, Agnikarma (cauterization) and Raktamokshan.
  • Better diagnosis and treatment of all disease with their surgical management.
  • Facilities of department:

  • Museum- Departmental Museum have preserved wet specimens as well as dry samples for references.
  • Laboratory- Departmental laboratory is well equipped with instruments required for pharmacognostic study & research purpose.
  • Library-Departmental library is fulfilled with herbarium sheets, reference books of Ayurveda & pharmacology along with magazines.
  • Herbal Garden-there is well established herbal garden with several medicinal plant species marked with botanical name.
  • Field Visit– Department organizes local & out of state study tours every year for practical exploration.
  • Charts-Flex charts of herbal drugs & modern pharmacology concepts are available.
  • We have well equipped OPD and IPD
  • Special OPD for Agnikarma and Ksharsutra.
  • We have well developed and equipped major and minor OT.
  • We also treat patients through Marmachikitsa
  • Fistula is treated with Ksharsutra
  • We treat some diseases with Agnikarma
  • We treated fracture & Ano – rectal cases with Ayurvedic treatment.
  • We provide Jalaukavacharan procedure for many diseases
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