This department basically deal with the study of basic principle of Ayurveda every elements in this universe consist of 5 basic elements name as panch mahabhut likewise human body also consist of panchmahabuta (earth, water, fire, wind andspace). In this department glorious history of Ayurveda with progressive development in various branches of Ayurveda well explained. department also teach Sanskrit padarth vigyan, Ayurvedic itihaas and maulik Siddhanta and ashtang hriday with the help of Samhita understanding human body with concept of Soul and mind, Universe their and inter relationship. principles of treatment in Ayurveda is the Aim of the subject.
This department is relates with all three academic year of BAMS.It unfold the secretsofour life, spirit of the material world.
  1. 1.To make aware the students about great heritage of India as far as the ancient Medical science concernd.
  2. 2. To teach fundamental concepts of Ayurveda.
  3. 3. To impart the application of concepts of samita in clinical practices.
  4. 4. To carry out the research work in Ayurveda.
Department features
  1. 1.Dynamic and experience the teaching faculties.
  2. 2. Department consist of Samhita tutorial hall for group discussion, case presentationetc.
  3. 3. Department carried out sholk Pathan regularly.
  4. 4. Department highlights on knowledge about clinical practices in the Ayurveda.

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