Shalakya tantra is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, which deals with disease of urdhva jatrugata (above clavicle). Shalakya Tantra consist a disease of Netra, Karna, Mouth and Danta also its Ayurvedic treatment by classical methods like Kriyakalpas and different surgical methods which are mentioned in clinical classical text.

Objectives of department

  • To teach the students the ayurvedic as well as modern perspectives regarding urdhva jatru gata rogas.
  • To instruct regarding ayurvedic kriyakalpa; Tarpana, Putpaka, Anjana, and Parisheka etc.
  • To train the students in various minor and major surgical procedures.
  • Facilities of department:

  • We have well developed OPD & 5 bedded IPD for Netra, karna , Mukha, and Danta rogas.
  • A well equipped operation theatre for surgical procedures of ENT & EYE patients.
  • We treat all acute and chronic diseases of Eye diseases by Netratarpana, Aschyotana, Anjana Putapaka, Bidalaka etc know as Kriya Kalpa Chikitasa.
  • We treat all acute and chronic diseases of ENT diseases by medicine & karna puran know as Kriya Kalpa Chikitasa.
  • Starting learning

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