Department of RachanaSharir stands as one of the important pillar of basic principles of Ayurved. It deals with the study of Structure of the Human Body and topics like embryology, histology, Anthropometry, Genetics, marmashariretc as per Ayurved and Modern science.
Objectives :-
  • Teach samhita based sharir from practical point of view.
  • Imparting knowledge of Anatomy using maximum aids and tools thereby making it easy and interesting for students.
  • Initiate further research in Rachanashareer through various Research projects.
  • Develop newer techniques for specimen and model preparation, cadaver preservation and museum development.
  • Team of skilled and dedicated staff. Spacious and fully equipped dissection hall for cadaver dissection, specimen
  • preparation and surface anatomy. Ample supply of cadavers for UG students.
  • Availability of cadaver cutting machine for preparing sectional Anatomy specimens.
  • Well maintained Museum containing abundant specimens, Models, Charts for study reference.
  • Spacious tutorial Room for practical classes with provision of OHP and LCD facility

Starting learning

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