Rog Nidan evam Vikriti Vigyana is an essential part of Ayurveda which is useful for early diagnosis of diseases and deals with classification of diseases and diagnostic techniques. Rog Nidan evam Vikriti Vigyana deals with factors that are important for understanding the origin of disease as well as for pathogenesis, diagnosis and investigation of disease. Etiopathological and clinical-pathological studies of the disease are also discussed. Nidan Panchak is the base of diagnosis of disease. This Department is also involved in conducting various laboratory diagnostic investigations, pathological tests, ECG, USG, X-ray etc. for patients care.

Objectives of department

The main objective of this department is to facilitate effective diagnostic tests for prevention and treatment of diseases in the shortest possible time and provide the basic methodology of Roga Nidan Evum Vikriti Vigyan with the latest developments in clinical diagnosis and provide complete knowledge of bed clinics.

Feature of department

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